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adl o/s/l 1000 balanced input and output
adl o/s/l 1000 XLR input and output jacks
adl o/s/l 1000 Stereo linking capability
adl o/s/l 1000 Wide dynamic range (15Hz - 30K)
adl o/s/l 1000 Heavy-Duty Chassis
adl o/s/l 1000 Works with unbalanced systems
adl o/s/l 1000 Easy to operate
adl o/s/l 1000 Handbuilt in the USA
adl o/s/l 1000 Great for analog & digital recording as well as live sound
adl o/s/l 1000 All tube design (no IC's or chips)
adl o/s/l 1000 Opto attenuators for "invisible" compression
adl o/s/l 1000 High quality transformer

ADL 1000 highlights


The sound of the room changes from show to show, so to get a consistent, smooth vocal quality. I use an ADL 1000
Shawn Colvin | Artist

I've had the 1000 for 2 years and it's worked flawlessly. At the professional level (or any level for that matter), it's flat out one of the best values in the industry. IMHO.
Eric Harrington | Atlantic Records

Of all the available tube compressors, the ADL 1000 and ADL 1500 stand alone. I use them on every session that I do, including Aerosmith, Extreme and Jenna Drey. You owe it to yourself to check one of these out immediately
David J. Frangioni | Engineer/Producer

The ADL 1000's have become very popular with the engineers who work here, they have been used on every session in Studio B since the day they were installed. Our clients are demanding another pair for Studio 'A'.
Phil MacConnell, Husky Hoskulds | Sunset Sound Factory