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ADL 1500 overview
ADL 150 highlights


Of all the available tube compressors, the ADL 1000 and ADL 1500 stand alone. I use them on every session that I do, including Aerosmith, Extreme and Jenna Drey. You owe it to yourself to check one of these out immediately
David J. Frangioni | Engineer/Producer

I love the ADL 1500 so much, I have 3 of them. Warm, fat, and fully tube-packed!
Michael Lutz | Bassist/Producer Ted Nugent Band

It squashes it but you don't hear it squash. I use one channel on the bass and the other channel for jimmy's vocal. We used 4 total stereo 1500's on Jimmy's Tour.
Rich Davis | FOH for Jimmy Buffet

From the moment I started using ADL Stereo Comp/Limiter 1500, I knew it was it a keeper.
Mick Guzauski | Producer, Mariah Carey, Clapton, Streisand....

My ADL 1500 is smoother than grits
Charlie Daniels | Charlie Daniels Band