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ADL 1000 overview
ADL 1000 Overview

A vacuum tube mono compressor/limiter similar in design to an LA-2A. The hand matched optical attenuator and custom in/out audio transformers is the heart and sole of this unique handcrafted compressor. Its “warm,” “punchy” and if driven hard enough “crunchiness” is a true reminder of that magical rock-and-roll sound.

The 1000 has many practical applications for recording studios, tracking, mixing, stereo buss, vocals and instruments, live concert sound reinforcement as well as for film and broadcast work.

ADL 1000 highlights


The sound of the room changes from show to show, so to get a consistent, smooth vocal quality. I use an ADL 1000
Shawn Colvin | Artist

I've had the 1000 for 2 years and it's worked flawlessly. At the professional level (or any level for that matter), it's flat out one of the best values in the industry. IMHO.
Eric Harrington | Atlantic Records

Of all the available tube compressors, the ADL 1000 and ADL 1500 stand alone. I use them on every session that I do, including Aerosmith, Extreme and Jenna Drey. You owe it to yourself to check one of these out immediately
David J. Frangioni | Engineer/Producer

The ADL 1000's have become very popular with the engineers who work here, they have been used on every session in Studio B since the day they were installed. Our clients are demanding another pair for Studio 'A'.
Phil MacConnell, Husky Hoskulds | Sunset Sound Factory