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About our compressor limiter company
Model 3

The ADL 300-g DI has been one of the most important additions to my rack. Not only for the electric guitar, but especially to warm up the acoustic guitars.
Clint Black | Artist

For a smooth, dependable, great sounding compressor/limiter, DeMaria Labs is where it's at. I have them in all my studios.
Walter Afanasieff | Producer

you don't have one, get one. At least one!
Michael Wagner | Producer - Ozzy, Janet Jackson

Really silky smooth sound. It's grand, we love it!!
Noel Hogan | Guitarist - The Cranberries

ADL makes the most unbelievable tube products. Gotta have 'em!
Bad Religion | Recording Artists

We're never without an ADL. It's our sound!
Daryl Hall & Peter Moshay | A-Pawling Studio

It's a magic device that brings a rounded warmth to my guitar tracks and a thundering warmth and presence to the bass tracks!
Jennifer Batten | Guitarist, Michael Jackson Band

Clean, quiet and punchy...has a warm tube sound but with a much lower noise floor when compared the original vintage gear.
Joe Chiccarelli | Producer/Engineer

If you don't own any ADL products you are definitely SOL.
Lee Groitzsch | G.M. Battery Studio, Nashville

My ADL is the Soul of my rack. It's the BEST COMPRESSOR for bass guitar on the market. Any bassist will want this to bring back that tone used in studios and on records!
W. Anthony Joyner | Engineer, Sony Studios, N.Y

The ADL compressors do the job. They can be as smooth and warm or as aggressive as you need. I love them!
Michael H. Brauer | Bassist, Faith Hill Band

On lead vocals I try to hand-compress them (ride the fader) as much as possible. I generally try to use an ADL (Anthony DeMaria Labs) Tub Compressor on vocals so if something does get by me, the ADL will catch it. The idea is simply to maintain vocal level without destroying the Dynamics.
James Geddes | Engineer

Anthony's gear is the best, live or in the studio we never make music without it.
Bryan White | Artist

It's groovy, cool and smooth, like your favorite beer! Those dieting beware...If you're into FAT, ADL is the on...babas's!*!*!
Bootsy Collins | Artist